Jet’s Chlor-Away Dechlorination Tablets

When used as directed, Chlor-Away dechlorination tablets provide an environmentally safe dose of sodium sulfite capable of neutralizing free and combined chlorine present in treated water, wastewater or process water. Research shows that high concentrations of sodium sulfite will degrade beneficial dissolved oxygen in receiving environments, producing harmful effects on the ecosystem. Chlor-Away tablets provide a consistent reduction or elimination of residual chlorine without affecting water quality, dissolved oxygen or other discharge parameters. A unique combination of sustained release agents and sodium sulfite shall maintain a consistently uniform application rate regardless of flow, temperature or humidity. Chlor-Away dechlorination tablets generally lower chemical consumption and provide reliable reduction of chlorine residual in a more thorough, safe and economical manner than simple compressed sodium sulfite.

Accu-Tab Chlorine Tablets

Accu-Tab wastewater chlorine tablets are specifically designed for use in on-site wastewater systems. They are commonly used in residential wastewater systems and commercial systems in facilities such as schools, small towns, mobile home communities and many more. Accu-Tab wastewater chlorine tablets can be accurately dosed with a Jet Tablet Feeder or used in other brands of tablet feeders. Made in the USA.