We have products in stock! We have both cationic and anionic formulas available.

The reports we are getting say that most of the refineries in Texas are still not up and running at anywhere near capacity; which means they have been down for over 3 weeks. The issue this creates greatly impacts products that requires acrylic acid (AA), which are mainly the dispersants and anionic flocculants (emulsions and powders). The companies that produce AA are also down, trying to get back on line but cannot run without the propylene, which is derived from the refineries upstream.

Tramfloc® 161A: 389
Tramfloc® 129: 1406
Tramfloc® 220: 874
Tramfloc® 221: 3
Tramfloc® 223: 595
Tramfloc® 225: 1371
Tramfloc® 227: 1335

We have 55# bags available to ship within a week from our warehouse.