Contact us for all of your O&G chemical requirements. Tramfloc, Inc. produces a range of engineered polymeric formulations for all water-based drilling fluids. Our polymers meet several objectives such as: shale inhibition, viscosity enhancement, fluid-loss control, and high temperature applications.

1. Oil and Gas Chemicals

Our production chemicals are designed to maintain flow,and optimize well production performance. The job isn’t finished just because the drilling has ceased. Reliable and consistent O & G flow is now the issue at hand. Produced water is a troublesome consideration. The matter could be removal of oil and suspended from the produced water or well scale formation, we can help. Our products are applied on all O& G regions for both onshore and offshore applications. Whether the field is located in Bakken, Permian or Congo, we have effective products to maintain production.

Drilling fluids make drilling possible. The right additives such as lubricants, stabilizers, surfactants, emulsifiers, and wetting agents help improve drilling efficiency and results. We strive to provide novel fluid solutions and advanced drilling fluid additives that help our customers succeed on the harshest, trickiest and most environmentally sensitive drilling frontiers. We design our chemical drilling fluid additives to counter specific challenges like temperature, pressure and formation conditions. Practically, we ensure that critical tasks, including carrying cuttings to the surface, cooling the drill bit and stabilizing the formation, can be completed safely and efficiently with no downtime. Our products, testing capabilities and technologies are designed to support and partner with our customers.

Reactive shales can cause a multitude of borehole problems, including swelling, accretion, sticking, bit balling and poor cuttings removal. Tramfloc, Inc. provides chemistries to control the rheology of the mud, and thus control the problems. We offer state-of-the-art shale stabilizers of all types, for both permanent and temporary applications. Our polymer solutions offerings encompass a variety of product lines including viscosifiers, dispersants, fluid loss additives, and shale encapsulators.

We support customers in providing optimized drilling and completion programs with maximum efficiency to enable production ready well-bores. We are committed to innovation, performance, and are environmentally responsible by observing ESG guidelines. Economic well drilling requires specific properties for drilling fluids and they seek to meet the following objectives:

Minimizing fluid loss
Enabling cuttings transport
Protecting wellbore stability
Protecting drill bits from high temperature and debris
Preventing differential sticking
Preventing inflow of formation fluids

Tramfloc, Inc. produces a wide range of engineered polymeric formulations for water-based drilling fluids. Our polymers meet several objectives such as: shale inhibition, viscosity enhancement, fluid-loss control, and high temperature applications. These formulations include:

Solids control
Shale inhibitors
Rheology modifiers
High temperature applications
Thinners and dispersants
Suspended solids formulations
Bentonite clay extenders
Brine viscosifiers
Mud fluid loss control products

2. Cementation

Every well completion is unique – especially in the cementing stage. Oilfield exploration into deeper and hotter regions also puts additional demands on cement additive chemistries. Tramfloc, Inc. has expertise developing chemical solutions that provide a competitive advantage oilfield service companies have counted on for decades. No matter the reservoir environment or degree of complexity, we provide customized solutions and oilfield cementing services that perform consistently and effectively in a variety of formations, temperatures, water types and cements.

Tramfloc, Inc. offers cement additives that are compatible with and dispersible in a variety of cement slurry systems. The additives are available in both liquid emulsion and powder forms.
High-temperature fluid-loss additives up to 2500 C
Synthetic retarders
Anti-settling and expanding agents
Chemical washes for both oil-based and water-based muds
Suspension additives for cement and spacer fluids
Gas migration control
Our formulations are designed to: tolerate high salt concentrations, improve density control, improve cement placement in the Annulus, and improve adhesion to casing and formation. Our people are leaders in developing, manufacturing, designing and delivering cement additives and slurries that help protect well integrity. We bring perspective, experience and a comprehensive knowledge of existing chemical programs to every cementing challenge. When we design new solutions, we do so with unique regional environmental and other regulatory requirements in mind to maintain necessary compliance. Beyond careful research and complete testing, our cementing experts also host in-house training to help customers succeed in the field.
3. Stimulation

We strive to maximize production potential which is crucial to the success and profitability of a well stimulation application. Our manufacturing capability, strong R & D group and effective technical support, we can help you reach your drilling objectives. Stimulation of unusual O & G resources, primarily through hydraulic fracturing, is a critical component in meeting the growing energy demand. While treatment technology and techniques have grown, so have the requirements foisted upon chemical treatment formulations. We have the expetise, innovative solutions, support and logistics to meet the ever changing demands of the industry.

Our stimulation chemicals include:

Friction Reducers
Cross-Linked Gels
High Viscosity Friction Reducers
Scale Inhibitors
Coiled Tubing Friction Reducers
Pipeline/Disposal Well Drag Reducers
Clay Stabilizers
Acid Gelling Aids


We observe ESG guidelines and are responsible chemists. Polymer flooding contributes toward meeting the goal of no production CO2 emissions. We can achieve this reduction by a more effective oil sweep within the reservoir. We have a complete range of chemical technology. We recommend utilizing water injection to sweep oil toward producing wells. The difficulties associated with displacing, producing and recovering oil from a reservoir can be enhanced by EOR technologies. Polymer flooding can improve mobility control. Conformance helps reduce permeability contrast. Water shutoff helps restore hydrocarbon well inflow. Polymer flooding extends the life cycle of the well and improves efficiency. By providing improved mobility control the increased swept oil volume results in deceased water production and a higher oil production rate.

The process and be distilled into six steps. 1) The driller can apply for the Plug and Pump program. 2) The process is cost effective, only $4-5/increase/barrel. 3) The process is sustainable as it produces 4-6 times less water per barrel of crude. 4) Our additives perform in almost any reservoir. 5) Our system accelerates recovery up to 5 years. 6) Our program reduces GHG emissions by pumping and treating less water. That reduces production chemicals and reduces energy consumption.

The most effective EOPR solutions are selected from key properties and fluids including:

Oil viscosity
Reservoir temperature
Brine salinity
Reservoir permeability

The prime objective of secondary EOR is optimum sweep effectiveness as poor sweep efficiency doesn’t reach the major oil volume. Low efficiency can be promoted by geology, thus yielding channeling of fluids and high water cut. Effective polymer gel systems help produce comprehensive reservoir treatment results. We stand ready to partner with you to help you achieve your technical and economic objectives.