Tramsorb® hydrogels can be of assistance throughout the growth cycle of grasses and sods, especially in germination, quicker growth, reduction of transportation stress, and root establishment. The collection and storage of rain and irrigation water can reduce labor and water costs, as well as provide relief for difficult growth areas and “hot spots.” The application of Tramsorb® hydrogels is extremely beneficial for golf courses, sod farms, and gardens.

These are our suggestions to produce a successful planting.

1. Work the soils either manually or with a plough.

2. Spread from 0.1-0.2# Tramsorb® hydrogels per 10 F2 of soil surface area on the top of theground. The rate of application should be adjusted according to climate, soil conditions and plant water requirements. The polymer may be broadcasted by hand or with a fertilizer spreading device.

3. Incorporate the polymer into the soil beneath about 2″ of untreated soil and at a maximum depth of 4″. Incorporation can be done either manually or by a disc harrow or other device.

The soils must be leveled evenly.

4. Broadcast the seed or lay down the sod rolls. Roll the soil for compaction. Apply fertilizers if recommended.

5. Water the field liberally to allow for full water absorption by the Tramsorb® hydrogels.

6. Apply water to the planted area using a normal watering schedule for one week. Following the first week, irrigation may be reduced by 50% or more depending upon conditions.


Tramsorb hydrogels are now known as: Tramfloc® 1001, 1001A, 1001B, 1002 and 1004.