In general, the finer the polymer particle size, the greater its capacity and speed of absorption and vice versa.  When applying Tramfloc® 1001A, the 0.1-0.5 mm product, Tramfloc® 1001, the 1 mm product, Tramfloc® 1002, the 2 mm product or Tramfloc® 1004, the 4 mm product, to very porous soils such as sand or compost, use a smaller particle size, Tramfloc® 1001, for more rapid water absorption. In heavy soils such as clay, use the two larger particle size products, Tramfloc® 1002 or 1004.  These granules improve the porosity of the soil due to their great expansion capacity.  In preparing of dressings, use Tramfloc® 1001 to achieve adequate protection of the root hairs.

MSDS for Tramfloc® 1001, 1001A,-1009
MSDS for Tramfloc® 1001B
TIB for Tramfloc® 1001
TIB for Tramfloc® 1001A
TIB for Tramfloc® 1001B

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