Here’s what we have and how we can help you.

Technical capability: we have more than 500 different formulations of all the various polymeric architecture modalities, types and combinations. We do this because slight modifications in the polymeric structure can mean significant performance improvements in your clarification and dewatering applications. We strive to produce the largest performance results from the smallest polymer dosage.

Organizational strength: we have the depth of experience in our support disciplines so that we provide sound guidance for our customers’ polymer applications. From product managers, research personnel and applications specialists, we probably have experience in solving most of the liquid/solids separation challenges in existence including newly discovered areas of bio-fuel, algae recovery and alternate fuels.

Economic value: we have the necessary world-wide scale of production volume to keep us competitive in almost all regions and industries. With us, the supply chain is as short as possible without numerous middlemen. When comparing equivalent products, we are highly competitively priced. If polymer expenses are high, please consult us. We strive to minimize your reagent expenses to help keep your organization growing and profitable.

Tramfloc can reduce your costs by finding more cost effective treatment modalities for your water plant,  industrial wastewater or mining operation.

Municipal Wastewater Operations

  • Reduce disposal costs with special polymers used in “TTADS” Tramfloc Thickening and Dewatering Systems which can eliminate ferric chloride and lime, while producing a drier cake at much lower operating costs.
  • Reduce alum/ferric usages with lower cost NSF approved organic coagulants and flocculants.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Reduce treatment costs with higher activity Tramfloc Polymers for flocculation and settling.
  • Reduce disposal costs by producing a drier cake with Tramfloc Dewatering Polymers.
  • Reduce hazards and improve your bottom line by replacing ferric, acid, lime calcium salts, etc., with special Tramfloc Clarifying Polymers.
  • Recover valuable solids in sludge and slurries.

The Mining Industry

The hard rock mines in any part of the world can reduce costs of operating the concentrators and thickeners by:

  • Increasing your mine`s profits by feeding Tramfloc® flocculants which have higher activity levels and are more economical to purchase and apply than others.
  • Reducing your costs by feeding Tramfloc® flocculants to produce higher solids from your thickeners and apply our full strength Tramfloc products which are not diluted with salt. This will reduce your operating expenses.