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Emulsion and Liquid Polymer Feeders

Liquid polymer feeders are available to properly hydrate and feed the solution, emulsion and dispersion forms of all liquid polymers. We have liquid polymer feeders available in 12 different capacity models and several groups of operating characteristics. Our liquid polymers feeders have capacities from 0.1-840 GPD and are equipped with positive displacement polymer metering pumps for applications up to 240 GPD and with progressive cavity pumps for applications up to 840 GPD. Our polymer feeders can be equipped with or without an optional aging chamber for the higher volume applications. Our liquid polymer feeders are compact in size measuring just 2′ x 2′ x 3′ and weigh less than 80 pounds.

Our polymer feeders are easy to operate. They are equipped with digital flow indicators, have local or remote control by 4-20 mA signal, and have controls to maintain the proper polymer solution concentration. Our polymer feeders are easy to maintain. They utilize motor-less mixing technology, an external polymer injection valve, a stainless steel frame and are backed by our warranty exchange program to minimize field repairs to our polymer feeders. They
can dilute neat liquid polymer to polymer solutions from 0.1-5.0% strength by volume.

Our liquid polymer feeders designed to feed from 240-840 GPD are equipped with the progressive cavity pump which has no check valves which can become fouled by neat polymer. The motor controller has a 10-turn-down speed control and a digital display of the pumping rate. A variable frequency drive control is also available with our PLC. Our PLC based controls are quite reliable and allow for maximum operating flexibility.

Our systems can accommodate dilution water flows up to 120 GPM and the system is designed to use potable, river, process or any other source of clean dilution water. Our standard systems operate with water at pressures from 20 up to 100 PSIG. A water flow switch is standard on all of our systems and the switch will shut down the neat polymer pump whenever the dilution water flow drops below a minimum setting. The system will automatically restart when adequate water flow resumes. Our system is also equipped with a self-cleaning sight glass which allows the operator to quickly and easily see how the system is operating. An externally mounted injection valve is accessible without disturbing the polymer activating apparatus.

The system utilizes a motor-less mixing apparatus which activates the polymer by injecting it into the dilution water stream and immediately making the solution flow through a low pressure, high energy, polymer activation nozzle. It self-compensates for solution flow fluctuations. This assures that the polymer activation energy level remains adequate even if the solution flow changes.

All system components are modular and easily accessible so that the system is maintenance free. Our polymer feeders are equipped with a strainer which collects debris which may clog the rotameter or other system components. All systems are equipped with a calibration cylinder which is pre-piped with isolation valves to the polymer metering pump to allow the operator to check the pump flow rate. All system components are corrosion resistant and the support frame is made from welded stainless steel.

Liquid Polymer Feeder Optional Features

Some additional optional features are a solenoid valve to control water flow; a remotely operated polymer feed pump via 4-20 mA signal; polymer feed proportioned to water flow to maintain consistent polymer solution concentration; a level controller to maintain activated polymer day tank level; a low polymer flow switch; heated enclosure for outdoor installation; explosion proof-Class I, Group D installations. We can also custom design other features into our systems to meet the special needs of your unique applications.

Powder Polymer Feeders

Our powder or dry polymer feeders are manufactured in 12 different models with capacities up to 12 pounds of polymer per minute which is up to 1800 pounds per day of hydrated and transported granular, bead or powder polymer. The term granular is used interchangeably with the term powder or dry polymer. Our polymer feeders can accept the common 25 kg bag or the 1000 kg sack. Our polymer feeders utilizing the ton sack can be equipped with an electric hoist to raise and lower the sack to the polymer feeder hopper and can be installed with a support frame to hold the sack as the contents are evacuated from the bottom of the sack into the polymer feeder hopper.

Our dry polymer feeders are pre-engineered and skid mounted and feature modular design. Most of our units measure only 2′ x 4′ x 5′. Our polymer feeders can be operated in a manual or automatic mode and all wetted parts are plastic alloy or stainless steel. The system components are easily accessible and the unit operates very quietly. The dry polymer feeder hopper has a capacity of 135 pounds. Our special “disc feeder” is a very reliable and accurate way of feeding dry polymers. The disc is continuously vacuumed clean to prevent build-up. The disc has sensors which monitor the amount of polymer on the disc. Our special “polyductor” is a high-energy eductor specially engineered for polymers. It generates the high air flow needed to transport polymer. The high energy impact between the polymer and the water stream assures fine dispersion for better hydration and maximum polymer activation. This helps minimize polymer feed requirements. The polyductor keeps itself clean and is easy to disassemble for inspection. The polymer conveying tube is made of translucent Teflon and its non-stick properties prevent polymer build-up. The surfaces of our polymer feeder which contact neat polymer are made of high-density thermoplastics. Their smooth surfaces resist polymer sticking.

Polymer Feeder: Optional Features

Our polymer feeders can be equipped with a wide range of options and accessories to operate our polymer feeders from a completely manual to a completely automatic mode.

Aging Tank Controls, Existing Feeder Systems

Because of our dry polymer feeder’s modular design, they can be easily adapted for existing or new facilities. For existing facilities our controls can be provided to fully automate existing systems. Control packages include the level controllers and the remotely operated transfer valves as needed for your existing system. The tank level control sensors are mounted at the tank top and communicate to our polymer feeder’s PLC. The remotely controlled transfer valves can be activated either electrically or pneumatically. A typical system consists of the following tank level controls: Tank high level alarms, these are above fill levels. Tank low level alarms, these are below normal low level. Tank fill start and fill stop sensors. Tank agitator start level sensors.

Aging Tank Controls, New Feeder Systems

The aging tanks are sized to meet the desired system capacity. Aging tanks can be made of polyethylene, FRP, or SS to meet your preferences. The tanks can be arranged one beside the other or one over the other, depending tank size and your available foot print. Tank agitators have low output rpm motors and are sized for high viscosity solutions. Agitator wetted parts are made from 316 stainless steel. The motors are the TEFC. The polymer solution pump can be either a gear or a progressive cavity pump, depending on the flow capacity. The pump has a speed control to provide the feed range desired. The controller is rated for use in humid and corrosive environments. The pump can be locally or remotely controlled by 4-20 mA signal. Secondary dilution systems are also available to further dilute polymer solutions for better mixing with your process stream.

Economics/Cost Effectiveness

Our polymer feeders are available as budget priced systems for small applications, priced at a few thousand dollars, all the way up to fully automatic, full featured systems for very high-volume applications in chemical, mining, paper, municipal and other industrial applications. A rent-to-own program is also available for all of our polymer feeders. Our polymer feeders are sold to OEM’s, service companies and end-users. The investment in our polymer feeding systems can be incorporated into a Tramfloc polymer supply contract which amortizes the system capital investment into the unit price of Tramfloc polymer supplied for the application. This offering can be quite useful to customers whose budgets do not allow for significant capital outlays. Please contact our sales department at water@tramfloc.com for further information about feeder lease programs, polymer samples, recommendations and feeder quotations.

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