Industry Applications
Coal Mining tailings flocculants, dewatering, polymer logs and tablets, foam control, Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)
Food & Beverage make-up water clarification, process/contact water, greasy sludge dewatering, Kosher, Halal
Dairy WWT, foam control
Chemical wastewater treatment (WWT), dewatering slurries, metal finishing, integrated chip fab (IC), plating, printed circuit board (PCB), product stream clarification, clarification
Ethanol flocculants, foam control, WWT, dewatering
Bio-Pharm/Bio-Fuel algae separation, clarification, dewatering
Pulp & Paper WWT, raw water clarification, drainage & retention aids on the machines, defoamers, hot/cold lime softening polymers
Sugar cane and beet juice clarification and dispersing, juice de-colorization
Power/Electrical Generation Combined Cycle WWT, lagoon clarification, oily water treatment (OWT)
Oil & Gas, Drilling, Refining drilling fluids, viscosifiers, friction reducers, produced water treatment, WWT, biological treatment, OWT
Metals Processing, Rolling Mills, Foundries, Casting Shops, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous raw water clarification, spray and quench water treatment, OWT
Agriculter & Horticulture erosion control/crusting agent polymers, SAP, seed treatment, irrigation reduction, pivot track erosion control
Mining, Base & Precious Metals, Minerals tailings flocculants, foam control, dewatering, SAP
Enviornmental landfill leachate treatment, air stripper treatment, waste solidification, foam control
Municipal Drinking Water raw water clarification, clarifier sludge dewatering
Municipal Sewage WWT, digested sludge dewatering, foam control
Paint, Latex, Automotive slurry dispersants, paint booth detackification, emulsion breaking, OWT
Beef, Hog, Poultry Processing WWT, emulsion breaking, blood collection
Contract Cleaning flocculants, filter aids, emulsion breakers
Rail Car/Tanker Cleaning flocculants, emulsion breakers, OWT, WWT
General Industrial & Manufacturing Plants WWT, sludge dewatering, raw water clarification, foam control, OWT