Dear Friend:

This certainly has been the week from heck, wouldn’t you say? People have been taken ill with The Coronavirus, workers have been shut out of their workplaces, families have had to shelter in place or worse, WTI is ~$20.00 and our retirement accounts have been decimated. That is quite a shock to our systems. My grand kids have extra vacation time and their parents are worrying about maintaining cash flow in their households. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, said Vince Lombardi.

Many of our customers operate continuously and must produce clean water and recover valuable product. Many factories are idle and the frackers and drillers can’t afford to work with WTI so low. Tramfloc, Inc. will do its part to help with the economic recovery which will see the American economic engine road back successfully.

Here’s the Tramfloc ten point economic recovery plan to help our customers.

1. We shall reduce the selling prices of our chemicals to cover energy, labor, capital, raw material, taxes and a 10% profit.

2. We’ll suspend minimum shipment volumes.

3. We’ll suspend blanket contract purchasing requirements.

4. We’ll extend an extra 30 days to our normal payment terms until further notice.

5. We’ll suspend the credit card surcharge drum, IBC and bulk shipments.

6. We’ll ship our chemical test kits at no charge in North America.

7. We’ll offer our chemical feeding systems on a $0.00 lease plan.

8. We’ll send our technical support personnel to your job site for expense costs only.

9. We shall waive minimum shipment volumes for custom blended formulations.

10. We’ll price match any domestically produced equivalent formulation.

If you have received a quotation in the past 90 days, please contact us for a quotation revision. Thank you for your support and continued confidence in the American capitalist system.