Polymer feed capacities of 10 to 2100 pounds per day (5 to 950 kg/day).

Solution capacities of 10 to 80 GPM (40 to 300 lpm).

Hopper capacity of 2.7 cu ft.

Hopper screen traps polymer lumps.

Hopper vibrator assures consistent polymer flow.

Modular, compact, and reliable design accomodates your needs. EXCELL can supply a complete system or only the components needed to complement your equipment.

The POLYDUCTOR is a high energy eductor. It is specifically designed for polymer service. The Polyductor suction lifts, disperses, and hydrates the polymer. It has a high suction air-flow capacity. The high air flow causes the polymer to enter the Polyductor at very high velocity. This results in finer dispersion and better, faster hydration. Its surfaces are continuously flushed to prevent polymer build-up.

Dilution water pressure range capacity of 40 to 100 psi (2.7 to 6.8 bar).

ROTATING DISC FEEDER. It reliably feeds the polymer and other difficult to handle materials. The disc continuously vacuums itself clean to prevent build-up. The feeder is enclosed. A clear door panel allows the operator to see inside. All components are within easy access.

AIR HEATER / DRYER. It provides low humidity air to the hopper and the feeder enclosure.

TEFLON CONVEYING TUBE. The tube is made of translucent Teflon. It allows the operator to see the dry polymer flow. It’s non stick properties allow free flow even in high humidity conditions.

NON-STICK SURFACES. The EXCELL makes maximum utilization of surfaces which resist polymer sticking and are easy to clean.

PROXIMITY SENSORS. Sensors monitor the polymer level on the feeder disc.

PLC control simplifies changing operating parameters and improves reliability.

Can be used with other dry products such as Potassium Permanganate and clay.

Dry polymer feeder >300 PPD

This model is for dry polymer feeding more than 300 PPD.

Dry polymer feeder <300 PPD

This model is for dry polymer feeding less than 300 PPD.

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