• The Series 3000 Static Mixer Feeder is an economical alternative for diluting chemicals and activating polymers that do not require high activation energy levels.

  • The polymer metering pump is a Progressive Cavity Pump.  It is available with manual or external control.  The externally controlled pump can accept a 4-20 mA signal.

  • The dilution water can be clean or filtered process water.

  • A low water flow switch is standard on all feeders.  It stops the metering pump whenever the water flow drops below minimum.  The pump is automatically restarted when adequate water flow resumes.

  • A translucent sight tube allows the operator to see how the mixer is operating.

  • The external injection valve is accessible without disturbing the mixing apparatus.

  • Motor-less mixing injects the polymer into the water stream and immediately makes the solution flow through a high velocity static mixer.

  • It’s designed to be maintenance free.  All components are modular and easy to access.  There are no parts to wear out and no mixer motors to burn out.

  • A water strainer is standard with each mixer.  The strainer collects debris that may clog the flowmeter or other components.

  • A pump calibration cylinder is standard with each mixer.  The cylinder is prepiped with isolation valves to allow checking the metering pump flow rate.


  • Polymer feed capacities of 2.5 to 840 GPD (0.4 to 133 l/h).

  • Dilution water capacities of 30 to 3600 GPH (115 to 13600 l/h).

  • Motorless mixing system.

  • Dilution water pressure range capacity of 25 to 100 psi (1.7 to 6.8 bar).

  • Polymer pump stops when water flow drops below minimum.

  • Pump calibration cylinder system.

  • All components, including the injection valve, are easily accessed.

  • Compact, most units are 24″W x 30″H x 18″D (61cm x 76 cm x 46 cm).

  • Lightweight, most units weigh less than 90 lbs (41 kg).

  • Electrical service: 120/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; less than 600 watts.

    3048PC-X 2.5 to 48 GPD (0.4 to 7.6 L/H) 30 to 300 GPH (115 to 1140 L/H)
    3190PC-T 10 to 190 GPD (1.6 to 33 L/H) 90 to 1200 GPH (340 to 4500 L/H)
    3420PC-V 40 to 420 GPD (6.3 to 66 L/H) 120 to 1800 GPH (450 to 6800 L/H
    3840PC-W 80 to 840 GPD (13 – 133 L/H) 180 to 3600 GPH (700 – 13600 L/H)


    “G” – Pump speed controlled by dilution water flow.  Maintains solution concentration.

    “J” – Solenoid water control valve.

    “T” – Dilution water flow of 90 to 1200 GPH ( 340 to 4500 l/h ).

    “V” – Dilution water flow of 120 to 1800 GPH ( 450 to 6800 l/h ).

    “W” – Dilution water flow of 180 to 3600 GPH ( 700 to 24000 l/h ).

    Polymer low-flow switch.

    Other voltages.

    Custom modified to meet your needs.

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