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Commissioned Sales Agents

These sales engineers are entrepreneurs who run their own businesses and either have polymer/flocculant/coagulant/antifoam market experience or have knowledge of related product lines and likely have sold into the industries using these chemical formulations. The industries include but aren’t limited to mining, municipal, paper, chemical processing, bio-fuels, ethanol, refining, steel, food, beverage, bio-pharma, poultry, beef and hog processing, agriculture, sludge lagoon dewatering. These business people may have experience in chemical or equipment sales in the aforementioned or related industries. Their experience might be on the chemical production, lab, R & D side of the business in one of these industries and want an opportunity to develop a strong income stream at their own pace. The Commissioned Sales Agent obtains purchase orders from the customers for our formulations and Tramfloc, Inc. produces, ships and invoices the agent’s customer for the products and then pays a commission to the agent. The agent doesn’t have a capital investment. This is either a part-time or full-time opportunity in either the USA or many other countries and regions.


Resellers are often value-added service companies or chemical distributors, either stocking or non-stocking, who send their sales engineers into various regions and markets to provide a high level of hands-on customer care The sales engineers have a wealth of chemical and equipment expertise to maximize the effectiveness of the reagent application. We offer specialized services demanded by the resellers such as private labeling, customized product literature, blind shipping, order tracking, inventory management, drop-shipping, export shipments from our North American, EU and Asian facilities, customized packaging and packing. We remain completely transparent to the reseller’s customers unless specifically instructed otherwise. Interested resellers should telephone 480-491-6895 and select option 1 for our sales manager.