The Series 6000A Polymer Feeder is engineered for low polymer feed applications, where the anticipated feed rate is less than 10 GPD. It provides the high energy needed to effectively activate all liquid polymers.

The polymer metering pump is a solenoid operated diaphragm pump. It is available with manual or external control. The externally controlled pump can accept a 4-20 mA or a pulse signal.

A low water flow switch is standard on all feeders. It stops the metering pump whenever the water flow drops below minimum. The pump is automatically restarted when adequate water flow resumes.

A blending – aging chamber provides improved polymer effectiveness.

The sight tube is self-cleaning. The flow of the solution leaving the activating apparatus causes the patented cleaning assembly to operate continuously. The sight tube allows the operator to see how the feeder is operating.

The external injection valve is accessible without disturbing the activating apparatus.

Motor-less activation injects the polymer into the water stream and immediately makes the solution flow through a low pressure, high energy polymer activation nozzle. The Patented nozzle self- compensates for solution flow fluctuations. This assures that the polymer activation energy level remains adequate as the solution flow changes.

It’s designed to be maintenance free. All components are modular and easy to access. There are no parts to wear out and no mixer motors to burn out.

A pump calibration cylinder is standard with each mixer. The cylinder is prepiped with isolation valves to allow checking the metering pump flow rate.

All components are corrosion resistant. The support frame is made of welded stainless steel.


Polymer feed capacities of 0.1 to 24 GPD (0.02 to 3.8 l/h).

Dilution water capacities of 10 to 300 GPH (40 to 1140 l/h).

Blending / Aging chamber for improved polymer effectiveness.

Primary and Secondary dilution water flows

Easily accessed injection valve.

Motorless mixing system.

A patented high-energy nozzle activates the polymer.

The nozzle self-compensates for changes in water flow.

Self cleaning sight glass (Patented).

Dilution water pressure range capacity of 20 to 100 psi (1.4 to 6.8 bar).

Polymer pump stops when dilution water flow drops below minimum.

Prepiped metering pump calibration cylinder system.

All components are easily accessed.

Compact, most units are 18″W x 16″D x 21″H (46 cm x 41 cm x 53 cm).

Lightweight, most units weigh less than 50 lbs (23 kg).

Electrical service: 120/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; less than 300 watts.

Most units are available for FREE 30 DAY TRIAL (USA only).

6000A-X Metering Pump by others As Required
6010A-X 0.1 to 10 GPD (0.02 to 1.6 L/H) 10 to 60 GPH (40 to 220 L/H)
6024A-X 0.6 to 24 GPD (0.1 to 3.8 L/H) 20 to 150 GPH (75 to 570 L/H)
6010A2-X 0.1 to 10 GPD (0.02 to 1.6 L/H) 10 to 120 GPH (40 to 440 L/H)
6024A2-X 0.6 to 24 GPD (0.1 to 3.8 L/H) 20 to 300 GPH (75 to 1140 L/H)

The above models are rated for 100 psig (6.8 bar).


“J” – Solenoid water control valve.

“S” – Programmable pump.

* Pump controlled by dilution water flow. Maintains solution concentration.

* Explosion Proof for Class1, Group D installations.

* Other voltages.

* Custom modified to meet your needs.

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