Tramfloc® 129 Flocculant for Metal Containing and General Waste Streams


Samples for testing are always available and testing instructions are published on our website.

This product has a 7 day lead time, it is for industrial use only.

Tramfloc 129 is packaged in a 55-pound bag.

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This flocculant is carefully formulated to remove from solution metallic solids in hydroxide form from mining, metal processing, plating, metallic rinses, circuit board, chip fab and other metal containing effluents. Such facilities have various heavy metals in process streams that must be removed or reduced in order to meet MCL as specified in NPDES and other local regulations. Generally, 1 to 2ounces of polymer treats 1000 gallons of wastewater. Product is packaged in fifty-five-pound bags. The product should be pre-diluted with clear water at a 150 to 1, water to polymer ratio, then mixed thoroughly for five minutes in a clean pail or drum. The solids should agglomerate together and the wastewater should clear rapidly. If removing plating waste metals, be sure to raise the pH to 9.0 before flocculant addition.

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