The disc is continuously vacuumed clean to prevent build-up.

The polymer flow is steady.  It does not pulsate as with screw feeders.

All components are easy to access.  The feeder does not need to be dis-assembled if it ever needs to be cleaned.

Sensors monitor polymer levels on the disc.

The polymer flow rate and the amount fed per batch are easy to change.

The feeder is totally enclosed.

A clear door on the enclosure allows the operator to see the feeder.

An air dryer keeps the humidity low in the feeder enclosure and the hopper.

Standard hopper capacity is 2.7 cu. ft. ( 76 L. ).  Other are available.

Standard feeder ranges are:  3, 6, 12 lbs/min.  Other are available.

The modular design can be adapted for existing or new facilities.

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