The Tramfloc® 910 System explains a technically sound and economical method to remove metallic contaminants from a waste stream so that it can be recycled or sent to POTW in accordance with regulations.

The product data sheet, also know as the technical information bulletin, is part of the Tramfloc® 910 System.

Tramfloc® 910 Technical Information Bulletin

It also includes a detailed report, Tramfloc® 910 Compatibility Chart, showing which metals and plastics can be effectively used to store and deliver Tramfloc® 910 product to the application point.

Tramfloc® 910 Compatibility Chart

The Tramfloc® 910 System also includes a special document and the feeding and application of Tramfloc® 910 to help achieve optimum results.

Tramfloc® 910 Dosage Application

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